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Renowned Theology Professors

Traditionally, many people believe that a professor’s sole duty is to simply teach the students that attend the university. In most cases, this is true; however, we have performed a great deal of research and have discovered 5 of the most renowned Theology Professors who

Top 20 Religion Blogs of 2014

Whatever type of religion you belong to or simply want to follow; there is a blog out there for you. After researching the internet, observing trends, and paying close attention to key statistics; we have found 20 of the most popular blogs around the internet!

My Favorite Christian Historians

Christian Historians play a significant impact in shaping our society’s belief and culture whether we realize it or not. These historians are usually in contact with original manuscripts that the “average” person doesn’t have time to discover. For this reason, they are able to gain

How to Effectively Manage Time While Pursuing a Degree

Work/Life balance is hard for most students to master. This can seem close to impossible when you are pursuing a degree, especially when the teachers are overloading schedules with heavy reading assignments, homework, and projects. Sometimes, you may find yourself silently questioning the professor: “Don’t

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