Great Careers for Theology Graduates

There has never been a better time to be a Theology graduate. As the world works towards a mutual understanding in order to establish peace; there are regular people who are not only searching for answers; but to find a deeper meaning in life. A person who is well-educated in theology can help bring other people closer to a specific religion. Also, you will be able to gain a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of many religions. Here are 5 excellent career options that can help you achieve your goal of educating or helping others!

Religious Journalism

As mentioned before, there is a high demand in today’s world for information. Furthermore, a large portion of this demand is produced by people who want to know how religion is shaping the world today. Whether it is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or any of the other major religions; there is a high demand for more theological knowledge as it impacts everyone’s life!


With this high demand, a religious journalist will be able to present facts, case studies, and trends to the general public through electronic or printed means. People will be able to observe your work to discover how religion affects political, cultural, social, or economic life!

Peace Corps

As a peace corps volunteer, you will be responsible for things such as educating those in need, providing health services, developing the youth, being involved in community development and even helping the environment. Most theology graduates usually choose to volunteer to educate people on religious matters.


Religious Counseling

In America, if one chooses the counseling career path – it is most common to be a Christian counselor. There are many different career options in which you can branch off to including family, marriage, addiction, depression, and mental health counseling.


Many times, Theology graduates find themselves counseling in an academic setting. There are usually additional certifications a theology major must receive; however, getting a degree is a great way to begin!


Whether you strive to be a Theology/religious studies professor on either a college or high school level; there is no better time than now to get your degree. It’s best to not simply stop at a Bachelor’s degree; as most of the career openings to be a college level professor require at least a Master’s and in many cases, a PH.D.


An educator may find themselves teaching the following subjects: Bygone religions (Greek & Roman mythology; primal religions & cults; origins of current religions). Also, the world religions are usually a popular subject matter including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and others.

Religious Leader

The most common religious leader jobs can either be paid or volunteer positions depending on the church. The hours can vary dramatic as well as duties.


In this job setting, a religious leader will find themselves encouraging others to commit to a specific faith; educate people on the history of their beliefs; self-improving themselves to become a solid role model; performing fundraising duties; doing administrative work; and even keeping financial records for the establishment. Last but not least, when the head of the establishment is absent, it is up to the religious leader, who is usually an assistant pastor, to take over the duties of the leader.

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